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Music _ Chrome Sparks

Text by Maria Clara Tripier

Jeremy Malvin creates music under the name of Chrome Sparks. Jeremy grew up in Pittsburgh and currently resides in Brooklyn. His new EP Goddess has us in absolute amazement and luckily we got to know him and what’s behind these capturing sounds a little better.


NOU: So Jeremy, Can you tell us a bit about your musical background and how Chrome Sparks was born?

J: Since I was around 10 years old I’ve been recording my own music on tape players and then once I started high school I got into electronic music through a class that was offered at my school, then it just kind of became something that I spent more time doing, skipping class to go to the computer lab and make tracks.  After, I went to school for percussion and at a certain point that kind of took the side as I started to get more and more into my own music, which lead me to leave school to focus on Chrome Sparks.


NOU: Which was a great decision!

J: Thank you! Surprisingly everybody in my family and even my percussion teachers supported that, I thought there would be the ‘No! Finish school! Get your degree, give it a try’, but they all supported it!


NOU: You got lucky! … So, Your EP Goddess … how was the process of working on it and what can we look forward to?

J: Well I’ve been working on it since the last EP that was about a year ago, although I ended up ditching a lot of songs and starting new ones and actually I think all of the tracks that ended up on the EP I didn’t start until later on… I generally make a lot of music between EPs that I don’t do anything with and certain aspects of those tracks might find their way onto the EP whether it’s a drum beat in a certain section that I take from a track and put it into the one I end up using. So I take it from the track that I ditch and put it in the track that I want using different sounds or effects. So all those tracks that I make but I don’t put them on to the EP find their way to it through different sounds or parts, so its a long process for me to put all those 6 tracks together. I want to change to not have to wait another year to release 6 more tracks after this, but I’m trying to get quicker and better at that, so it’s a bit of trial and error for me.


NOU: Well of course! But even if it’s six tracks… The result is amazing, I’m sure people are willing to wait! Now tell us, which track do you connect with the most in this upcoming EP?

J: There is a track that was going to be the single before Goddess, called The Meaning Of Love, which is the first track on the EP… I think I feel the greatest connection to that one… But we decided to go with goddess as the single!


NOU: And what is so special about this track?

J: I started it as a song that I didn’t necessarily want it to be a Chrome Sparks song because I was recording keyboard, guitar and vocals which isn’t usually the way I go about doing the songs, I don’t usually incorporate any vocals… but I really wanted to sing, I felt I had something worth singing about. But then as things go….  I chopped it up and turned it into a beat, did the slower chiller personal song and turned it into something else… So I added a bit to it, recorded more synthesizers and still kept some of the vocals. That one for me is the closest to my heart.


NOU: You are currently on tour in the US, how is that going?

J: Good! Its a three piece live band. I took some of the songs from the EP and some older songs so we could work them out and do it with a three piece set up.


NOU: When people come to see you play live what can they expect?

J: A lot of times people come expecting to see me with a laptop, but I much prefer to do a performance as a live band. I’m with two of my buddies, one of them plays drums and the other one plays keyboards and a huge electronic mallet instrument  … and then I play keyboards and samplers…. And a lot of what people are hearing is what we’re playing live .. I feel that’s the most exciting way to do a show even if it’s not what they expect.


NOU: What is it that you want to offer to your listeners with your music?

J: I just want to share what I like making, what I think is exciting and what I think connects to me and hopefully can connect to other people between music and anything else that might be going on … Just pure music….


NOU: In what way do you feel your music has evolved since your last EP Sparks?

J: Well, that kind of came together without me even thinking that I wanted to make an EP, I ended up deciding to make it after some of the tracks I didn’t know I’d be using came together and I edited them to be more of a concise group of tracks.  But with this EP (Goddess), I signed a record deal, and I knew I wanted to make a release of six songs and went about it in that kind of way…. So it’s a little more purposeful … and I think I’ve just grown as a producer so the sounds are a little … I don’t know… advanced?


NOU: Can you tell us about the artwork on the album?

J: So my friend Tonje Thilesen , an amazing artist and photographer who lives in Berlin, did it. I’ve always loved her photography and any sort of design she’s done, she’s got an amazing eye… She did the Sparks EP and came up with that design which is like an orb, and I wanted to keep it similar for this one. So now it’s more like an orb but its got more complex patterns to it which I think its pretty reminiscent of the way the EP sounds… It’s like the last EP but it has more layers to it.  As long as I can afford her art I want to keep her involved!


 You can buy Goddess here.