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Music _ Tracklist by Ryan Crosson

Text by Shanna Keetelaar


This month’s tracklist by Ryan Crosson. Together with Seth Troxler, Lee Curtiss and Shaun Reeves he started a new project: Visionquest Thirteen. It’s inspired by the recent passing of the Maya Long Count Calendar and they will play live and DJ at 13 different parties around the world creating unique clubbing experiences. You’ll find them in Amsterdam, Paris, New York and Ibiza just to name a few!


Nico – Hey Boy Edit ( Bluewave Edits)  – W + L Black


Dinky – Falling Angel (Matthew Styles Remix) – Visionquest


Michael Mayer – Baumhaus (Robag’s Paavo and Veita Rehand) – Kompakt


Yamen & EDA – Planet Brooklyn (Shaun Reeves, Jay Haze and Bill Patrick remix) – One


Clockwork – Secondfloor (Deadbeat remix) – Life and Death


Herva – Crocodile Tears – Delsin


Basic Bastard aka Orlando Voorn – Imagine It – Fanzine Records


Matt Tolfrey – Encarta (DJ Sprinkles Micro Soft Dub) – Leftroom


H Foundation & David Durango – Surface – Supplement Facts


PIemont – Running MIrror ( Salz Remix) – MBF