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Talent _ Momomi Aloha Garden

Photographer from Seoul


NOU: Has photography always fascinated you?

M: Yes, in short; I think of photography as a magical knife of sorts that freezes everyday scenes like a still life.  Photographs show me the invisible shapes of life and people.










NOU: How would you define your style?

M: I prefer not to define someone’s personal style (even my own). So if I can, I’d like to avoid this question.


NOU: What is something that you’d never photograph?

M: Oh, nothing, I’d try anything; I make it a rule to try not to lose flexibility in my work and subject matter.


NOU: If you were to have the opportunity to photograph anyone, who would it be?

M: I’d love to photograph [German fine-art photographer] Wolfgang Tillmans; if I can snap a picture of him while he’s photographing someone else…that would be my dream shot.

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NOU: Give us 5 words that you want your work to reflect? 

M: Language, uncertainty, fairness, layers of light, plants.

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