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Talent _ Carlito Schiliro

Photographer based between Italy and Germany


NOU: Hello CS! Tell us a bit about yourself. Describe yourself in 7 words. 

CS: I create images and intimacy is the ultimate goal in my photography; the viewer must feel as one with the scene or the person 
portrayed in my works. I like to imagine them both, cramped tightly together under a narrow bubble.

Even more important than that is the timelessness of my vision; I strive for eternity in my works.

I don`t chase the ultimate trend, I chase the ultimate feeling.

Myself in 7 words:

  • Mountain
  • Demonlover
  • Pain
  • Cinema
  • Blue
  • Music
  • Sky/Sea

73_statwebNOU: How did you get into photography? And what was THAT photo that changed your life?

CS: I used to be a painter. I was really abstract in an early stage but then my works became more and more realistic. At a certain point I was really frustrated because I figured out that the only way to reproduce a living being, in all its beauty and flaws, was to photograph it, not reproducing it on a canvas. That is when I picked up my first camera, or better said, when my first camera picked me up.

There wasn’t a single picture that changed my life yet, I hope it will happen someday.



















NOU: What is your biggest motivation?

CS: Myself. I am a perfectionist and challenging myself it’s the biggest obstacle and the greatest motivation at the same time. I don’t want or need to be better than anyone else in the photography scene. I just want to have a body of work I’m proud of.

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NOU: We can see you explore different fields in photography (fashion, nudes, reportage, portraits, etc.), how did you arrive to that?

CS: Reportage is my greatest love; there isn’t anything else that gives me greater joy and pride than being able to tell the world an unknown or known story through my eyes. I have developed a report style that mixes art and storytelling at the same time. This approach has led me to more artsy stuff and lately to fashion, where I try to be more creative and abstract and less commercial.
















NOU: Name the four best things about being a photographer?

CS: Taking pictures, printing pictures, looking at pictures, assimilating pictures. Any kind, anytime, anyplace. I pretty much never take a break from seeing and understanding photography. It’s not a job, it’s my life. And lately my greatest addiction.


NOU: Can you teach us 3 things about taking pictures?

CS: I am a self-taught photographer, hence I wouldn’t know how to explain to someone else the key to photography. When shooting people what really matters in the end I guess, is being a good psychiatrist and a confident.


NOU: You photograph people a lot, what is your favorite part of the body?

CS: Lately my favorite part has been the back of a woman, I’ve discovered it can be as expressive as a woman’s face.  My latest project “STATUES”,  revolves a lot around this body part. It was an interesting challenge, expressing feelings out of a faceless body.




NOU: What’s your best pick up line?

CS: Your face has a beautiful geometry.


NOU: Favorite drink?

CS: Umeshu, in Japan. Now that I’m living in Germany,  it has to be Beer.


NOU: A scent you never forget?

CS: Every time a new woman comes into my life, her scent plays a big role in the following months, sometimes even years.


NOU: The constant image playing in your head today?

CS: A woman’s silhouette. A child’s eyes.


NOU: Your lucky number?

CS: I always bet on 27. I never win. I guess it’s time to pick a new one.