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Talent _ Hana Knizova

 Photographer based in London


Hana Knizova, originally from Czech Republic, studies photography at the London College of Communication and live sin London.

Here she explains a bit what’s behind her work.

“Some of the images belong to the series Young Hollywood that explores youth, ambition and self-image. The cries portrays young people in Los Angeles, pursuing their dreams. The opportunity to “make it” is there for everyone… but only a few will. Young Hollywood is an ongoing project.

The portraits of couples are part of the series called Couple Exchange, which is based around East London. I tend to choose the people I work with quite carefully, I direct them to a certain extent but I always like how their anticipate of the final image projects into their pose and often leads into a slight awkwardness. They know they’re being photographed but they don’t know when I press the shutter or what I am seeing from the position I shoot them.

Other images are part of the series IO which examines the psychological process behind distorted self-perception of the body. IO is concerned with the relationship between mental discomfort and the external and inexplicable boundaries of the body; In this case, I worked with the body in a sculptural way, leaving my models anonymous.”





hana_knizova-io2 Katka.Brazil Simona