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Talent _ Lukasz Wiersbowski


NOU: How did you start your journey into photography?

It happened somehow naturally. I’ve had quite a lot of spare time while being a social psychology student. It was giving me so much joy that I started getting deeper into it.


NOU: Do you have a concrete idea of what you will grasp in the pictures before you take them?

I have only the overall idea, the whole process just happens on the way. Working at the spot is exciting, that way I can capture the relation between model and the surrounding in a very honest and natural way. Being inspired by unexpected moments is simply fun.


NOU: How do you create these moments?

I always ask my models to forget about their previous posing experience and just act in a natural and very often imperfect way.


NOU: How would you define your photographic style in 5 words?

Everyday magic of little happenings.


NOU: If you had to say you took inspiration from someone who would it be?

I don’t actually have such a person. My biggest inspiration is everyday life, things I see, colors and shapes.


NOU: For you, what do the people you photograph represent?

The energy of simple in-between moments, curiosity of everyday life, emotions.


Now, skipping to non sense:


NOU: What is your present state of mind?

Peaceful relaxation.


NOU: A Favorite word?


NOU: What scent takes you to that memory lane?

Smell of summer rain


NOU: Would you choose : Sex or sight?