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Talent _ Marcel Castenmiller


What do you do Marcel?

I take pictures.


Do you think your work compliments with your photography? How did that start?

My work? Modeling? No that’s just for me to make money. I don’t think my photography has changed at all doing work as a model except for the places it takes me and the people I meet.


Can you give us 5 words that describe your life?

Antithetical, lost, confused, happy?, sad?


What is it that you want to portray in your pictures?

Nothing in particular, I just take pictures of what I see, certain light, certain friends, feelings, places, architecture. My Life. One day I am going to die, I want my photographs to show people who I am and what I saw.


Was anyone in particular an inspiration for you to get started in this?

I think back when I was in University I really obsessed over Jeff Wall’s work. These recent few years I’ve really take a lot of inspiration from Araki Nobuyoshi, Ari Marcopolous, Hiromix, Sandy Kim.




What’s your favorite flavor?

Picked ginger


What do you look at first in a person?

Their face


Do you believe in karma?

Only as an excuse


When eating ice cream: pistachio or chocolate?



The best place in the world?