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Talent _ Pascal Moscheni

Photographer from New Zealand


NOU: Hello Pascal! Can you tell us a bit about you?

PM: Hi, i was born in New Zealand but my blood is Argentinian/French. For the past 4 years i designed menswear for Neil Barrett and currently i quit to have more time to learn about music and photography.

tumblr_msphijYSJE1qc4of6o1_1280NOU: When did you start taking pictures?

PM: I have always taking pictures like any other normal person but that doesn’t make me a photographer or anything.


NOU: We bumped into your website, and fell in love with it! Why that name?

PM: Thanks! My dad gave me the biography of a royal Arabian family. One of the sons studied in the USA and came back as a total outcast. His name was Nasir and used to do underground parties in his palace and created his own illegal alcohol called Wood alcohol. During one of his parties 3 people died from it. I liked this story.


NOU: What do you do when you are not taking pictures?

PM: I’m usually searching for music or mixing it.


NOU: Anyone specific inspired you to start with photography?

PM: What made me want to take more pictures than before was the result of monotony and routine that designing clothes had become for me.




NOU: A recent discovery?

PM: Squash


NOU: The last meal you had today?

PM: Panino unfortunately.


NOU: A website you visit daily?

PM: Soundcloud and feedly.


NOU: Favorite place?

PM: Currently la Habana, Cuba. But I love Buenos Aires and Madrid also.


NOU: The ongoing song in your head today?

PM: I’m currently doing a song for a fashion that’s on loop today.

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