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Talent _ Ulrich Knoblauch

Photographer based in Cape Town

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NOU: Hello Ulrich! Tell us a bit about yourself!

UK: In a nutshell: I grew up on a farm outside Cape Town, though I travelled all over the world before finally settling back in Cape Town. That’s where I’m based now. My favourite work mostly involves some sort of blend between fashion and portraiture. I’m also working on number of personal projects at the moment; two books to be precise – one is a book of polaroids and the other is about a group of girls who hangs out at their favourite rock pools, rivers, beaches, dams, etc…anywhere secluded where they can be carefree. It’s a documentation of youthful innocence, freedom, friendship, and our general love of life. There are some preview images on my Tumblr.

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NOU: You’re based in Cape Town. How is this location an important factor for your work?

UK: The close proximity to all the beautiful beaches and other landscapes has had the tendency to fast-track certain projects like the ones mentioned above. But I do feel that I’ve experienced the city quite thoroughly, and now I’d like to find something new.


NOU: Who motivated you to start this career?

 UK: Growing up I always had a camera in hand, but because I grew up on a farm the subjects were often limited to cows, trees, and landscapes; it never occurred to me that photography could be a career. Hence I applied to law school.  I happened to be in London when the time came to officially register for classes, and I informed my parents that I’d rather extend my visa and stay there for a bit longer. My mother said, essentially, “My dear child, what on earth are you going to do with your life? Wouldn’t you prefer to just do a short course in photography, or something…?” And that’s when the light bulb came on.


NOU: How would you say you portray the beautiful women in your pictures? 

UK: As I see them strong, beautiful, free, and confident.


NOU: Describe your photographic style in five words. 

UK: Curious, beautiful, unpretentious, and considered. I’ll leave the last one up to you; I honestly can’t think of another one.




NOU: Latest artistic discovery?

UK: My friend Anna Bu Kliewer is doing the most amazing collages, illustrations, and paintings. (


NOU: The song stuck in your head today?

UK: “Stubborn Love” by The Lumineers.


NOU: Recent travels?

UK: I’ve recently returned from Paris where I was shooting for Self Service magazine, and I just heard that I’m going to Morocco in two weeks time for a job.


NOU: Daily routine?

UK: On a non-shoot day it goes roughly like this: coffee—(gym?)—edit—lunch somewhere—bookshop—chef’s warehouse—edit—research—nap—dinner somewhere with my wife.


NOU: Favorite word?

UK: “yÔh!!” You have to be South African to fully understand how great this is.